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Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo FrameThis Phillips 5.6 Inch Attractive Digital Photo Frame is sure to brighten up and enhance any room. Its high density 640 x 480 pixel assures your photos will be displayed in a clear, crisp manner. It is among one of the highest density photo screens in the industry and it displays more pixels per square inch than most other frames it size, and even more than some larger frames.

Its 4:3 aspect ratio is ideal for a distortion-free display of your pictures to give you the best viewing experience and it will automatically fit your photos into either a landscape or portrait mode via a sensor on its auto photo orientation feature.

This frame allows you to organize and manage your photos in an efficient fashion by creating albums and slideshows for you and you can search and locate photos quickly by using its thumbnail display feature.

You can manage and display many photos on it either on memory cards or its large 32MB internal memory. This item can even read two different memory cards at the same time for fast and efficient photo transfer and display and its Smart copy software can copy your photos from one memory card to the other and it will even resize your photos to enable you to store the maximum photos possible.

The Photo Effect Wizard feature is state-of-the-art and enables you to crop, rotate, zoom-in and adjust the color tones of your photos.

Included along with the photo frame in your purchase are; a start guide, stand to place the frame on any desktop, an AC-DC adapter, PC/MAC software CD, USB cable, and a user manual.

The actual dimensions of this stylish digital photo frame is 9.8 inches x 7.9 inches x 5.4 inches.

Let’s look at some of the noted PROS and CONS


Several people who purchased this frame felt it was competitively priced and a great buy for the money. There are many features that were complimented in quite a few reviews. The slideshow feature of this frame has a great menu with a variety of selections and choices that allows you to control and manage your slideshow.

Its memory card slot is compatible with many different types of cards such as CF, SD, MS, MMC and XD.

The timer option it offers was also complimented by some people and they liked the ability to be able to select the time you want to turn the frame on and off in order to conserve electricity and energy.

The menu on it is intuitive and it makes it easy to upload your photos and in addition to the slideshow feature you can display your photos in a collage fashion if you choose.

Besides being stylish and attractive the frame is also a “perfect size for any desk”.


Some of the negative comments from people who reviewed this product centered around its inability to load any photos other than JPEG photos. They were also disappointed that there is no music or video option and while there is a USB port to easily connect the frame to your computer there is not one to connect to a flash drive.

The frame only comes in white so it may not match your decor. Phillips does offer larger frames in different colors however that are of comparable quality to this digital photo frame.

AVERAGE RATING based on Amazon is 4.0 stars out of 5.0 stars. We have also rated this item  as “Best in Size” and a worthwhile digital photo frame purchase for the price.

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum CleanerA vacuum cleaner is a home cleaning appliance that is used to remove dirt and dust usually found on floors and nooks of a room. This appliance can be used alongside an air purifier to ensure that the home is free from all allergy-causing air particulates. The vacuum cleaner uses a motor that drives its suction end to take in dirt and dust that it comes across with. The dirt and dust that has been sucked in is placed in a bag usually found at the rear end of the device. When the bag is full, the contents should be disposed off before using the vacuum cleaner again.

Vacuums are the high-tech substitute for brooms. Before, dirt and dust are removed by sweeping the floor. Today, these are removed by sucking them in using a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuums provide an easier way to free your home from dirt and dust. Furthermore, they free your home from certain pests like bedbugs or fleas. According to studies, the best vacuums can eliminate 100% of young fleas and 96% of fully grown fleas. Thus, vacuuming your home provides you with a cleaner space to live in.

Dust-Free Air Through Vacuum Cleaning

People who are suffering from airborne allergens can find the vacuum cleaner very beneficial just like the allergy air purifier is. These two devices can go hand in hand in providing protection against dust and other microbes that are suspended in the air. Regular vacuum cleaning and proper use of the air purifier can ensure that you will have reduced allergic symptoms because you are able to eliminate the elements that triggers your allergies.

Your home can only be completely dust-free if there is no dust present even on the floor to get suspended in the air. The only device that can eliminate all dust is the vacuum cleaner. You can even choose to have a hypoallergenic vacuum cleaner to ensure that you are truly protected. The special component in a hypoallergenic vacuum is the use of HEPA filters.

The most widely used type of vacuum cleaner available in the market is the portable one. Portable vacuum cleaners are lightweight and are battery-operated. Most consumers prefer this vacuum cleaner because it is easier to use due to its light weight, it allows you to save energy from its rechargeable batteries, and it is highly durable that you can use this for a very long time.

Wet Dry Vacs – The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Wet dry vacs are really handy home appliances to own, whether it’s for the workshop to clear up small spills, or to remove water from flooded basements.

What is the Difference Between Wet Dry Vacuum and A Steam Cleaner?

Although it is called a steam cleaner it does not really use steam, instead it distributes hot water onto the floor using a spray mechanism and then it vacuums it back up along with any dirt and or water that is there. A wet dry vac or shop vacuum as it is also known does not actually spray any water onto the floor surface, it is basically the same as a regular vacuum cleaner, but it has the ability to suck up both water and dry material. The shop vac is much less expensive than a steam cleaner.

How To Choose The Wet Dry Vac For Your Needs.

Wet Dry VacWhen you are looking to purchase a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, you need to look at a few things, to ensure that you buy the correct one for what you need it for and hopefully these wet dry vac reviews guide will make it easier for you to narrow down and find the best one to suit you. Wet dry vacuum cleaners vary in price but are normally less expensive than the steam cleaner variety. The prices depend on the size on the machine and the brand name, with the popular brands being at the top end price. A lot of our readers have said that when they are researching the best wet dry vac, they’ll do everything from looking through endless review sites, to making charts and graphs that compare features and prices.

Check list:

  1. Performance
    When comparing wet dry vacs, the first thing you should consider is it’s performance. Most people will simply compare the horsepower of two models and assume that the one with the greatest is the the most powerful, but this is not always true and what you also need to look at is the vacuum performance which is measured by the suction and the airflow measured in cubic feet per minute taken at a particular location in the vacuum air flow.
  2. Hand Held
    Hand held wet dry vacs are light and compact and generally have a tank capacity of around ½ gallon, which makes them ideal for smaller shop or work site cleanups. You can choose models that have power cords or the cordless version. This is a personal choice, because the cordless versions have long life powerful batteries, but are no match with the performance of the power cord models.
  3. Canister
    If you have a much larger area that you need to clean then a canister wet dry vac will probably be a better option They come with multiple tank capacities, ranging from 4 – 16 gallons. They also come with multiple attachments to help you including: Extension Wands, Different size floor nozzles and Crevice tools.
  4. Blower Option
    If you need to be able to blast dirt from hard to get places, you can buy wet dry canister vacuum cleaners that have powerful blowers that are perfect for patios, sidewalks and driveways.
  5. HEPA Filters
    If you are conscious of the air quality when you are cleaning you may want to consider getting a model that includes a HEPA filter that will eliminate up to 99.97% of dust particles and contaminates.
  6. Easy To clean
    The best one that can be easily disassembled to allow it to be thoroughly cleaned and you need to be able to remove all the filters so that they can be washed on a regular basis to ensure that your wet and dry vacuum cleaner functions efficiently at all times.
  7. Noise Level
    Some wet dry vacuums can be noisy, so if you are looking for one that is quiet make sure it has a lower decibel rating. The environment you are using it in will also vary the noise level. Think carpeted room vs concrete garage floor. The average decibel level in a quiet library is about 30. For comparison purposes, the average vacuum cleaner generates about 70-77 decibels. It is stated that sounds that exceed 80dB may cause damage to your hearing.

We’ve gone through hundreds of models and thousands of reviews, and chosen only the best, highest-quality, and best-selling wet dry vacs that exist. None of the appliances you will find here would be a bad choice.